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Ok fellas, J-dog started this idea now lets see how many Modded Raptor members can make it. Below you will find the "rough" game plan for the trip up North to the Cinders outside of Flagstaff, AZ. Please let me know if you can make it so I can add your name to the list.

Any of you guys that live in neighbouring states like NV, CO or UT that want to make the trip you are more than welcome.

When: Sunday June 1st

Where: Cinders - Flagstaff, AZ

Staging: For the guys that live in the valley, I suggest we all meet in the Costco parking lot at I-17/Rose Garden just west of the freeway around 8:30 or so and plan on heading north around 9:00 AM.

It is recommended that you run paddles if you plan on riding the big hills like $100 Hill. Yes, you are riding in volcanic cinders and they will wear your paddels out much quicker then riding in the dunes, so beware if you havn't been to the Cinders yet.

Below is link to show what the Cinders looks like. And yes, $100 Hill looks that freakin big and steep.

Click on the like above, then click on the dune review in the upper left corner, then click on video tab, then click Cinders.


Who's In -

Johnny Baja
J-Hilt - Should make it
Slider - Game time decision
CVRaptor - Definate Maybe

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Hey guys not to $hit in your cereal but it snowed in Flagstaff today just as a heads up but that is perfect beer drinkin weather!!! :beerchug:

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On the subject of paddles, I run a cheap pair of Geckos, the do well and are cheap to replace, I have made quite a few runs on mine, and only a couple on sand and the have held up well. Good to have for cinder tires but not best for sand or high power machines, and again price is fair. I think my next set will be Geckos plus that have the extra paddles. Just an idea for those thinking of cinder tires.

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should be sweet with the recent snow & rain, really keeps the dust down. might be going with another group the weekend before, don't know if i can swing 2 weekends in a row yet
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