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Box Canyon / Coke Ovens

AZ State Land Permit Required

There are several ways to get to this area

To start from the North:
Take the Superstition Freeway (Hwy 60) east towards Globe until you reach the intersection with Hwy 79 at Florence Junction. Travel south along Hwy 79 towards Florence about 5 miles until you reach Cottonwood Canyon Road. The intersection of Cottonwood Canyon Road is located between Hwy 79 mile marker 144 and 145. There is a large flagpole at the intersection used to signal live artillery in-use at the nearby National Guard range. If the red flag is up they are firing.

Route: East on Cottonwood Canyon Rd to N Mineral Mtn Rd - South on Mineral Mtn Rd to N Box Canyon Rd - South on N Box Canyon Rd to E Martinez Canyon Rd - East on Martinez Canyon Rd to N33 09.198 W111 10.620, South on jeep trail approx. 2.5 miles to the Coke Ovens

To start ride from the South: (Although I haven't traveled this way it appears to be shorter)
***This route is not as technical as from the north, however it does require one river crossing to get to the coke ovens, so check the water level and be safe.
Access: Take U.S. 60 east to Florence Junction, then SR 79 south to Price Rd. (roughly 16 miles). Price Rd. is just north of the Gila River crossing. Go east on Price Rd. (dirt road) approximately 10 miles to a fork in the road, continue left leaving the railroad tracks.

From Price Station Rd go North to N Box Canyon Rd to E Martinez Canyon Rd - East on Martinez Canyon Rd to N33 09.198 W111 10.620, South on jeep trail approx 2.5 miles to the Coke ovens

Coke Ovens N33 06.246 W111 09.901 elevation 1709 ft.

Rating: Rough thru some areas, definitely worth of the trip. 4x4 Isn't required but would be nice, just be willing to get off your quad to re-arrange the back wheels.

1. Be very cognizant of the weather conditions up the watershed. Do not attempt after or during rain storms.
2. Being caught unaware or unprepared in Box Canyon will have dire consequences.
3. No cell reception in canyons, and limited reception in most areas
4. Don't travel alone and be prepared! (i.e.- plenty of water, tools etc.)
5. Traveling anywhere in Box Canyon on a Quad you will want to have an aluminum swing arm skid plate, the plastic OEM skid plate won't cut it.
6. I wouldn't make this trip between May and October due to the temps.

P.S. Stop at the River Bottom Saloon in Florence off of Hwy 79, great burgers.
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