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2001 Raptor 660r
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Nothing is blown up! 🙃 I am actually building out my raptor 660 at the moment. All new mods are listed in signature with hollow points if it helps out.

I sealed up my cases, properly timed crankshaft and balancer by aligning the two gears where the little dot is. When I crank the flywheel to test movement the crank gets stuck a few mm before TDC and about an inch above BDC. If I remove counter balance gear and hand crank balance to the right spot the engine cranks freely. The balance has a new washer as recommended by service manual. Only thing that I could think possible is the crank bearing on mag side has a small gap from the case. I would like a second opinion on that because I have two options which would be A: split cases, remove cylinder and piston and crank, repeat process of heating case and freezing crank which would probably damage oil seal on balance. Other option B: buy the expensive yamaha crank puller to pull crank all the way into position (which I thought it was even with small gap). Lastly, on the clutch side, the larger crank diameter sits perfectly flush with ID of bearing so If I align crank then the clutch side might be off. I'll probably do B and sell the tool a year later. Both are a pain in the ass considering this project has already taken 4 months.

I'm confused...
Thanks so much for any help!
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