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Want to ride your all-terrain vehicle on state-owned land?

You have 11 trails - 247 miles - on which to do it. but the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources vows it is in the process of adding more miles.

DCNR's strategy is to develop larger recreation areas, including those for ATV usage, on "already disturbed land," said Matt Beaver, operations and recreation manger, for the department's Bureau of Forestry.

The department manages two million acres of state forest lands for multiple uses, Beaver said.

"DCNR is responsible for achieving a delicate balance between the need for providing safe ATV trails and managing them to sustain the natural resources of the forest," he added.

"In July, the department announced plans to develop five small, new ATV connector trails on state forest land - totaling 29 miles - to enhance our 247 miles of trails," Beaver said. "The miles were strategically chosen to maximize riding opportunities and minimize environmental impact," he said.

The connector trails will link existing state forest trails to private ATV trails, as well as township roads that have been opened to ATVs by local municipalities. DCNR has no role in allowing ATV travel on existing township roads, Beaver said.

The proposed projects, estimated costs and estimated completion dates are:

September 2008: 1-mile connector trail in Susquehannock State Forest; $5,000;

December 2008: 1.5-mile addition to Sideling Hill trails in Buchanan State Forest; $20,000;

December 2008: 20-mile enhancement/expansion to Jack's Mountain trails in Bald Eagle State Forest; $200,000;

December 2009: 6.6-mile addition to Bloody Skillet trails, Sproul State Forest;$1,500,000; and

December 2010: 13-mile upgrade to Dixon Miller trails; Delaware State Forest; $500,000.

"Our forestry specialists took a careful look at our existing 247 miles of state forest trails with an eye toward maximizing riding opportunities while minimizing environmental impact," said department Secretary Michael DiBerardinis.

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thats awsome, we always need more riding area. and dixon miller is close to me yea for 13 more miles there!!
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