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Forest fire...

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went riding yesterday and while ripping we passed some guy in a pickup having a smoke...while passing him i noticed him throw his smoke out of the truck...not thinking anything of it we kept on trucking....on the way back we noticed a water bomper chopper so we headed back to that spot...turns out that area of forest where we passed this guys was totally engulfed in flames...although its a good thing taht this area was already clear cut out...we talked to the firemen and they told us it was a minor fire...didnt look minor...but i guess because it was smack dead in a fields it was ok...?....just goes to show you its not that hard to start wear your sparky's...
(we've had a tremendus amount of rain in the last month too)..
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I find it hard to believe afire could start off a 4 stroke.i have given it my best shot. holding dry grass on my xr400 header,hot as hell,running.also on the tip,running. no go.most of the fires here are from lightning or illegals picking brush,and other morons SMOKING.Just my 1 cent.
From what I have read, its carbon buildup that superheats then leaves the muffler. Basically the same as throwing hot coals on the ground.
Wow makes sense. my kid and i did come across a fire started by mexican brush picker.called it in,saved the day.Firefighter said every year that happens.they are closing down access to all forrest land faster every summer.dunes open all year. thats why i got my sand machine.
We had a big red 200 3-wheeler we got for $10 when were young. It didn't have an exhaust on it so we custom "fabbed" a lawn mower exhaust can on a pipe extension and hose clamped it down the front down tube. It'd point straight at the ground.

This thing would constantly shoot flames out of it. We started a pile of dry leaves on fire while whipping through it.
i didnt know what to think at first because ive heard of flames blowing out of the pipe at times..ive seen my pipe spit out flames when it was dark i wasnt sure...i surely didnt want to be responsible for any fire.......the fire fighters were able to put it out after about 1 day...and the area has been cleaned up...its something that you really dont want to happen when its really dry out because fire spreads very fast in dry conditions...just look at the fires that occur in the cali area's...its terrible..
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