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I am selling a set of chrome Tag T2 handle bars. 1 1/8 fat bars. They are in pretty good condition, have a few chips from stuff being clamped to them but still look pretty nice. They have a set of spider SLT ATV anti vibe grips, used only for 2 races the grips are like brand new. Also comes with a blue tag bar pad. These sell for about $100 new I would like to get $75obo for them the way they shipped plus shipping.

I also have the bar clamps for these that clamp onto your stock stem or an aftermarket stem that is not anti vibe. You would need these because they are fat bars and you can not use stock bar clamp. I would like to get $30 plus shipping for them. These are in excellent condition.

Email is [email protected] or shoot me a PM on here or DRUNK411 on AIM.
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