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good music for riding video?

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post your favorite song for a quad video? i was thinking slipknot, but dont know what song
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If you have a fast paced riding video I like heavy metal like White Zombie or along them lines.I think depends with the kind of video you have thou
The beautiful people-Maryln Manson
Thunderstruck- AC/DC
Bodies-Drowning pool

IMO all really awesome music video riding songs
here are some of my videos
just so u get an idea of how i make my videos
Skeletons of Society - Slayer. I wanna figure out how to loop the intro, up to the point where he starts singing. It would have to be a fairly short vid because that's gonna get old fast.
Moon River, by Andy Williams :Hilarious:
sleep now in the fire by rage agenst the machine
Maybe a dumb idea but have some heavy music playing, showing all the Raptors out riding. Then when they cruise past a bunch of utes, play "Dueling Banjos" until they are out of frame, then get back to the heavy music when it's just the Raptors.

Nothing against the utes, I'm gonna get one myself but it would be funny.
Spineshank-"New Disease" or "Full Circle"
A bit of an obscure one but "My saddle horse has died" by the Smalls is a great one, I have used it in a couple videos.
thake her to the music store by Poison the Well...thats hardcore...i used it in one of my little vids i made...
check it out.. could have gotten some better footage but it was the first ride of the season so i was rusty lol...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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