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Realizing the need for high-quality heavy-duty driveline parts for quads and side-by-sides, PD International established one of its specialty brands, Demon Powersports. The company uses its more than two decades of experience in producing durable and reliable components for cars and trucks to provide ATV and UTV enthusiasts with outstanding axles able to withstand heavy loads and extreme articulation angles of off-road driving.

Demon Powersports products quickly gaining popularity among riders tho love to test their driving abilities on rough terrain. The company’s engineers use extensive research and testing data collected in real-life situations to create products that will stand the test of time and take abuse. The brand offers heavy-duty and extreme heavy-duty axles, reinforced ball joints, and all-metallic brake pads for off-roading and racing applications. Our in-house tech expert Greg is back at the shop to tell you more about Demon Powersports brand:

Demon Powersports® - X-Treme Heavy Duty Axle -

Demon Powersports® - Heavy Duty Axle -

Demon Powersports® - Heavy Duty Ball Joints -

Demon Powersports® - Heavy Duty All Metallic Sintered Brake Pads -

Products listed above are just a few examples from the range of components offered by Demon Powersports. If you want to check the full catalog of Demon parts, please click this button:

You can check if the vehicle-specific parts fit your Raptor in product options. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread, PM, or simply call our product specialists at 888.903.4348 (toll free).​
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