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Ok. so, I have a 2019 raptor 700 with about 40 hours on it.
started having an issue cutting out and finally the quad won’t run. I’ve been dealing with this for quite a while, posted on another forum but they didn’t reply much so I’m hoping for some other opinions. I have checked everything out to manufacturers specs like fuel pump, checked all my grounds, new battery, fuel pump, fuel, spark plug, ignition coil, ect. Code is flashing for low voltage and it runs about 13.68 until you flip the lights on and it drops dramatically and dies, it’ll barely run even without the lights on. It cuts out so bad.
anyway so the stator is brand new oem, checks out to spec, as well I tried another aftermarket and oem rectifier to see if that would fix the problem. None of the wiring is worn through like sometimes happens, so it’s not grounding out. I’m just confused besides the stator, the battery, and the rectifier, what else is there to check that would not let it charge to full capacity?
I would consider myself pretty mechanically inclined and I thought this would be simple but damn idk anymore. Im really looking for any input.
Thanks in advance,
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