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Ok guys this is kind of a three parter. I have an 02 Rappy that is completely stock as far as I know. My timing chain was doing the ticky thing so I decided I was going to replace it using a very helpful video I found on youtube, As I was disassembling the left side of the bank and take the cover off I discovered my first question, instead of having a nut and washer holding on the rotor assembly I have a bolt threaded into the end of the crank shaft? did some models have this or is this a different engine or am i just crazy? After discovering on this lovely forum the neat trick using the chain wrench to get the bolt broke loose i did hear what kinda sounded like a snap when the rotor assembly finally did pop loose using the nifty puller I got on Amazon. Now i removed the puller and the bolt and started to slide the rotor/gear assembly off the crankshaft only to discover I'm pretty sure there is no woodruff key to be found anywhere. Which leads me to question 2 is it possible to have it setup with no woodruff key? I mean i can buy a new one no problem but I do not see one anywhere on the ground in the engine or anywhere at all! Finally I get to the part where im putting the new timing chain in and as i got to put the rotor assembly on i slide it on and rotate it to make sure it only goes one way which is does but then i remember the missing woodruff key so i go to pull the rotor assembly off so i can line up the hole for the missing woodruff key and when i do that a tiny piece of plastic? metal? something? falls off the back into my hand followed by one of the large aluminum looking cylinders, which im assuming are basically roller bearings, so i turn rotor over to look at whats going on and another one of the rollers falls out followed by the other half of the broken whatever it is.. now i panic thinking shit probably need this so i go online and start looking to try to figure out what it is as well as see what one costs but all i can seem to find is full rotor assembly's for hundreds of $$. Which leads me to here, what the hell do i do?? Please help!! Thanks in advance.

Cliff notes:
02 Stock Raptor
Crankshaft has a bolt not a nut. Is this possible?
Woodruff Key Missing. Is this possible?
Bearing type things on back of rotor assembly fell out and one piece is broke. Do I have to buy a whole new rotor assembly?
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