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The ATV AnswerMan helps a reader with a Yamaha Raptor 660 with clutch issues

How can I tell if my starter clutch is bad? That’s what one of our readers has asked the ATV AnswerMan about his Yamaha Raptor 660.

This is exactly what the reader asked the ATV AnswerMan, followed by his answer:

My starter clutch went completely out. My question is when it started to go out will there be a power loss of torque, or would that be a clutch going bad issue? Clutch still locks when in gear, but didn’t have any take off power and moved like someone was hand pushing it. Also is there an easy way to find out if starter clutch is bad or if I sheared the woodruff key, yes there was some metal in the case Cover but none in the oil.

Check out the answer here:
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