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How old is your 700 ?

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I was going though some old paper work & foud my p.o for my bike . This whole time i thought i bought it 6/06. turns out 8/05.:cunfuz: Only excusses i have were that my eng. case was cracked 0n 10/05 & I was 2 destrught 2 fix it untill 6/06. and the outher thing is I got married 8/6/05 & my brain was sucked out!:cookoo:


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i bought my 2007 in feb. of 2007 so it's probably a 06. :huh:
My 06SE is 2 years old.
I found my '06 50th Anniversary Raptor 700 on Craigslist in Tucson last year. This coming Fathers Day, I'll have it for 1 year. By the way, when I bought my Raptor, it only had 5 hours on it.

I just bought my 2008 700r SE2 in March. so far i have put about 60 hours on it
Which parts do you want the ages for? :lol: Some parts haven't even been installed yet. But I bought the quad around Thanksgiving 2007. That would make it around 6 months old.
Mine is about 5 and a half months old.
july 1 of 06 for my wifes birthday she already has enough guns.. lol
I purchased my 06 SE in January of 07... left over 06 so to answer your question my 06 Raptor 700R SE is 1 year and 5 months old!
Got mine 2-28-07. So I guess it's 15 onths old with a lot of hours on it. Got my wifes 350 at hte first of the year, but it is an 06 brought in 10-05.
I have had mine for almost a year :banana:

1 Year 8 Months:coolshades:
7 months old:thumb:
got mine in november 2005 but cant find any paperwork.....with in the first 2 weeks of arrival i think :rockon:
07 700 bought 1/10/07, 1 yr and 5mos. Just turned 1,100mi...............
Memorial Day Weekend will make it one year since I bought my money pit.
September 06. Happy Birthday to me from me with LOVE!:hyper:

I wanted the GYTR ED. so I had to wait 4 months. That was a long wait...
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