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ok guys i managed to change my rear sprocket and chain so im going to do a how to..

Tools needed:
1. atv jack, Ratchet, 14mm socket, break bar if needed, flat head screw driver,allen keys,dw-40, loc tight.


1.Put bike in neutral with parking break on..
2. Knock the 4 bolts holding the sprocket on loose...i had to use some DW-40 to help loosen mine..
3..Jack up bike and take tire off
4. slide the rear sprocket off..
5. put new sprocket back on..make sure to loc tight bolts to ensure they dont rattle off
6. torque to specs as per service manual..(will check when i get home)
7.At this point your going to want to put your chain on..
8.I replaced the front sprocket as well so i put a new chain on also... installed master link
9. make sure to have your swing arm totally loosened for slack in chain so you can tighten it back up after for adjustments. you do this by loosening the 4 axle allen nuts in sequence.

front sprocket torque specs : 61 ft.lbs
rear sprocket torque specs:
approx..1- 1.5 " of chain slack is ideal..
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