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How to: Change Clutch Plates

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The following is quoted from Limited660, i should not take credit for anything hes said below

First off, you want to let the engine cool down if you were previously riding. ***MAKE SURE YOU SOAK THE CLUTCHES AT LEAST 1 HOUR BEFORE INSTALLING*** Now would be a good time to change the oil like I did or you jack the right side of the quad up to get the oil to the other side and plan on buying: Clutch (of course), Clutch Cover Gasket, and Coolant (50/50 mix or dilute the full power stuff).

1. To start we either want to drain the oil or jack it on its side, up to you, next you want to remove the 2 coolant lines going into the pump, have a pan ready because alot of coolant is going to come out in this step. After you have removed the 2 coolant lines from the pump, remove the 5 allen head bolts from the pump and place them in order (they range in size I believe). After removing the 5 bolts, carefully full the first part of the pump off and place to the side, next remove the rest of the pump, be careful the gear on the back is plastic, and place the pump to the side. Next you should see a small bolt inside and 11 more around the outside of the cover.

2. Remove the 12 bolts from the cover, you wont be able to get the one out in the bottom left corner, just dont lose it when pulling the cover off. Make sure you make a template of the cover and put the bolts in the order you remove them (once again they range in sizes). After removing the 12 bolts you need to remove the 2 oil lines, 1 on top of case and 1 beside the coolant line, after removing them you need to remove the clutch cable if you havent already. Now carefully remove the clutch cover and remember not to lose that one bolt you couldnt get out. It should now look like this.

3. Remove the 5 bolts from the pressure plate and set them aside along with the springs and now remove the pressure plate from the clutch. Now you can remove the clutches in one big pile. After removing them, flip them over and in the 3rd friction plate there will be a cushion plate (Number 8 in the diagram) dont lose it, it doesnt come with a new set. Now remove your clutches from the oil, you should have 8 friction plates, 2 with part number from yamaha ending in 01(Friction Plate 2 - #5 in diagram) and 6 ending with 00(Friction Plate 1 - #7 in diagram). You first want to install Friction Plate 1, next is Steel, next is Friction Plate 2, next install cushion plate(#8 in diagram), next is Steel, Friction Plate 1, next is Steel, Friction Plate 1, next is Steel, Friction Plate 1, next is Steel, Friction Plate 1, next is Steel, Friction Plate 1, next is Steel, and finally the last one is Friction Plate 2.

4. Now we can reinstall the pressure plate, make sure you line the arrow up with the punch mark in the basket.

5. Now is time to install the new springs if you bought them, put the bolt through the spring and reinstall to pressure plate and tighten. After installing that now it is time to remove the gasket from the cover and the case. New youll want to remove the lever shaft from the case, all you have to do is remove one bolt on the side(Dont lose the copper washer) and remove the shaft from the case. After doing this, put the gasket on the case side, put the bolt in the lower left corner of the case, and reinstall the case to the motor. Reinstall all bolts in the correct order, dont mix up lengths and tighten them to 7.2 ft lbs. Now were ready to install the lever shaft, first stick it back in the case and turn it all the way clockwise until you can move it anymore by hand, now carefully pull it out 1/2" and line the marks up now (A to B in the diagram) now that the marks are lined up it should be very hard to move the lever clockwise by hand, meaning it is trying to engage the clutch now, dont forget to reninstall the spring to the lever and reinstall the bolt.

6. Now you can install the clutch cable and adjust till you have 5-10mm of freeplay. After installing and torqing all bolts you can reinstall the water pump (Once again becareful of the plastic gear and o-ring gaskets), install the bolts in the correct order and tighten. Now reattach the oil lines to the case and reattach the coolant lines to the pump.

7. Now you are finished installing the clutch you can change filter and add oil if you drained it or just set the quad back down if you tilted it, now remove the front grill and fill the radiator with coolant 50/50 diluted. Start the engine and carefully watch the cover, oil lines, and coolant lines to make sure nothing is leaking from anywhere, if it is, fix it. Shut the engine down and check the coolant in the radiator again, fill it back to the top and top off the coolant resevoir, run the engine for a little bit and check the coolant levels again, if they are good, your done and ready to reinstall the grill.

8. Congratulations, youve just installed a new clutch and are now done. Go RIDING!!!
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I have a 01 Raptor 660R that still has the factory clutch in and its slipping. Looking to replace it myself. Do you have to have the clutch holding tool or is there another way? I don't really want to spend $27 on a clutch holding tool.
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