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This will show you how to install your Pro Design Intake System.

Tools needed:

3/8" Ratchet

6" 3/8's extension

3/8's Swivel

10mm & 7/16 sockets

# 2 Phillips Screwdriver

Power Drill w/no bigger than a 7/32" drill bit.

As always work in a safe work environment with plenty of room.

Remove the seat.

Disconnect the positive lead on the battery.

Remove the air box lid, and set it aside in a safe place.

Using your 3/8's swivel extension socket set with the 10mm, remove the 2 bolts, there is one on each side of the air box holding it in place.

Loosen up the screw, on the OEM duct leading to the airbox, so you can later slide out the airbox.

Using the 10mm again, remove and set aside the above.

Now your ready to remove the airbox, gently pulling up on the module, just pull up and set it aside as you pull off the airbox. Make sure you gently disconnect the 2 hoses on the intake side of the airbox.

As you will still have the OEM air filter, remove it and on the intake side make sure you do not use a drill bit bigger than 7/32" when you are drilling out the rivets of the very restrictive cone shaped piece.
Make sure that when you are done drilling out the four rivets, that you fully clean out any plastic or metal shavings on or in the airbox, wouldn't want that stuff to get into your motor.

Heres a few shots of where you should be at:

These are the misc. items that you should have set aside.

Some shots of the airbox:

Airbox removed from the 700r:

Module safely and gently set aside in the airbox compartment:

Intake hoses:

Differences between the Pro Flow kit and K & N kit:

Yes, the K and N system will fit inside of the Pro Flow billet piece:

K and N air filter for K & N system (on left) & Pro Flow K &N (on right):

Pro Flow K & N (on left) & K & N air filter for K & N system (on right):

Thread the bolts into the Pro Design billet piece and (do not forget the rubber O-Ring that goes on the billet piece) then put it into the airbox, make sure the arrow is pointing up:

Then put the washers and nuts and tighten.

When you put everything back together, do not forgot to plug both intake hoses into the airbox. Then slide the module back onto the airbox. Tighten all bolts back.

Your new setup:

If you have a EFI tuning system, ie, Doebeck or DynoJet Power Commander, make sure that you compensate and adjust accordingly.

Re-attach the positive lead on the battery and put the seat back on and your done. Now go for a ride and enjoy.

This is one of the biggest intake systems out there. By allowing the 700r to breath better, there is a very noticable increase in power. If you have a quiet exhaust system, you will love the intake growl of this system.

Since you have more air going into the motor, make sure that you have EFi box to compensate by giving more fuel since the ratios have changed. Its not a good thing to have your 700r run lean.

Modded Raptor would like to thank - CaliRaptor700R for the write up

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What are the down sides and ups to leaving you lid off with a proflow intake system?
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