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I wish the Oil Change topic could have been a sticky thread since I've seen numerous threads out there. For all those who might be confused about doing this maitenance, this should solve the problem.

On all Yamaha Raptor 660's

(1) Trust the manual, If you haven't purchased one you can download it from this forum.

(2) Remove both oil drain bolts, thats right there is TWO.
A. The First one is located next to the shifter linkage on the left hand side of the ATV. You should have to remove the engine skid plate. This bolt will allow the oil from the crank case to drain and should require a 17mm wrench or socket.
B. The Second one is located at the bottom of the oil tank. The oil tank is normally black in color and located in front of the engine attached to the frame. On the oil tank you will find the oil dip stick which is located on the top right side of the oil tank. This bolt will allow the oil from the oil tank to drain and should require a 15mm wrench or socket.

(3) After removing these Two bolts allow for the oil to drain completely. Rock it, roll it or just allow the ATV to drain on a level surface. After you are satisfied replace both bolts, I hand tighten them to my satisfaction but the manual will recommend 22ft lbs on the crank case bolt and 18ft lbs for the oil tank.

(4) If you are replacing the oil filter continue with this following step. If not skip and continue to step 5. The oil filter is located on the right side of the ATV. Most of the time you can hand remove these but an oil filter wrench will do the trick just fine. This filter is a bit smaller than normal car filters so an adjustable filter wrench is your best bet. Make sure the old filter gasket comes off with the old filter. Double gasketing a filter is very bad and could cause future problems. Not much oil will flow from this area since it only holds .2 US qts. When installing the new filter make sure the gasket is seated in the filter groove and apply a light coating of fresh oil to the gasket and tighten er' down. Again hand tightening is acceptable yet 12ft lbs is recommended.

(5) All the oil is out, Both bolts are replaced and tight, Oil Filter is replaced (maybe) and tightened down. Now to add oil. But you may have some questions. 3question

A. How Much Oil? First off let me say that every engine is not the same! You will have to treat your ATV like an individual. They are all close but depending on how owners care for thier ATV's and just random variables can make these numbers change. You should purchase 3 US qts to be safe.
B. Which Oil Brand? You make the choice but YAMALUBE 4 is the easiest choice. I like the AMSOil but thats just my choice. thumbsup
C. Which Weight of OIL? Refering to the manual, 30degrees F to 120degrees F use 20W40, 10degrees F to 95degrees F use 10W30, Under 30degrees F use 5W30 but at this stage you should be running the SNOWMOBILE! Basically the hotter the weather the thicker the oil and the colder the weather the thinner the oil.

You add oil to only one place, the OIL Tank! Start with adding 1.75 US qts. You'll need more but this is your starting point. After adding this amount start er' up. Run it for 10 - 20 seconds giving it a few revs of the engine but be gentle. STOP the engine and allow the oil to settle. Air bubbles can give you a bad reading and since oil is thick, waiting a minute or so to check the oil level is the best bet. Don't RUSH! Check the dip stick and you may or may not find the oil level on the bottom ot the stick. Now here is the most challenging task of this maitenance action. I don't care if you add and check 10 times, it should only take 2-4 but keep the following thing in mind. After you add and start you must allow the oil to settle. The total addition of oil should be between 2 US qts and 2.5 US qts.

(6) Got the oil to the proper level, Good. Wipe down any oil spilt and replace the engine skid plate. The only other two things to watch out for is not to lose the o-ring on the oil tank dipstick and don't burn your arm on the exhaust, I did my first time. unsure

I hope this helps out. Check your oil every other ride and change when needed. Cheep and easy maitenance and will extend the life of your ATV. Happy Mudding! thumbsup
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