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The following was quoted from P.I.M.P. i should take no credit for what he said

These are the steps I took to replace my stator and may not be exactly the way you’d do it but might help someone else to do theirs. So, if they aren’t what you expect I don’t wanna hear about how I screwed up. If you have anything good to add please do, just don’t be a dick!

Step 1. Go buy gaskets for starter cover and left crank case cover. They should only run about $15 for both. Oh, and oil too!
Step 2. Go buy beer for buddy that is going to be helping you. beer
Step 3. Pump up tires to make it easier to move quad.

Step 4. Drain oil.
Step 5. Take off seat to get to the bolt that is to the left of your gas tank that holds on your plastics and remove it.

Step 6. Pull back the plastic on left side of your quad and you’ll see the two plugs for your stator to unplug. Just don’t pull too hard and break it. I know someone will probably say this is incorrect and tell you to take off all your plastics but this is the way I did it and it worked fine. If you’re worried about it go ahead and take off all the plastics.

Step 7. Remove bolts on starter cover. Remember that some bolts may be longer than others and in this case there is. I marked the bolt that is longer in this picture.

Step 8. Remove starter cover. If it don’t just pull off use a rubber mallet to break it loose. Be careful when taking this off because there is a gear in here that could fall out when removing cover. If it doesn’t fall out when removing the cover, pull this gear out. The upper gear will not have to come off.

Step 9. Get a piece of paper and trace around your gasket so you can put your bolts you take out of the case on the paper to remind you of where all the different bolts go. This isn’t something you need to do but it’s something I do just to make sure things go back where they’re supposed to.

Step 10. Take out bolts on case cover. Most of the bolts are pretty easy to get to but there are two that require a little more effort. The bottom bolt and the one left of it. We used a deep socket to get to the bottom one because I didn’t want to stand it on end and take off the skid plate. It worked pretty well this way because the deep socket held up the oil line for us. You can pry on these a little but be careful.

Step 11. Use a rubber mallet to hit the cover with and break it loose and pull the cover off. The cover was a little hard to get off because the starter has an O ring that is holding it on, keep working it though and it will come off. Once off check for these two little rubber O rings if they aren’t on the cover they might still be on the case. The little metal posts that these rings go around may fall out or can be pulled out with a little bit of effort and makes it a lot easier to remove the old gasket later. We didn’t have to remove the gear shifter to pull this cover but, if you feel like it will be easier have fun!

Step 12. Remove this gear and remember that the big side goes down when putting it back. Then remove the bracket that is holding your wires down.

Step 13. Remove stator and pickup coil. These bolts all have high heat lock tight on them and should have it put back on when re-installing. Because of the lock tight when removing these bolts can be a little tough to remove and feel kind of like they are stripping. Just be careful and you should be fine. Remember what holes the bolts will go back in. Then put new stator in. Remember what way the pick up coil goes back in.

Step 14. Go to autozone get cheap die grinder mad, buy buddy lunch, and hit the liqueur store.

Step 15. Come home and get in trouble for not calling and asking girlfriend if she wants anything to eat. slap
Step 16. Use a razor blade to take off most of old gasket from cover and then use die grinder to take off the rest. Remove any pieces of old gasket on case as well.
Step 17. Use a little automotive silicone to go around the cover to hold your gasket and O rings to the cover, then replace it back on the case and get to putting everything back to how you took it apart.
Step 18. Replace oil.
Step 19. GO RIDE! thumbsup

Sorry if I might have missed anything this was a lot to do and might have missed it. Hope this helps somebody.
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