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Hello everyone... Slayer616 from Pittsburgh. I have been on this forum since 2012 but haven't posted in a very long time, though it was time and long overdue for a post and ask for some advice on my raptor.

Long story short:

Purchased an 01 raptor back in 2012. Totally stripped it down to the frame, powder coated frame, rebuilt top and bottom end, honed and bored the cylinder, plus one Wiseco piston, Kibblewhite valves, Hot Rod, Crank, Rod, rebuilt and jetted carbs, (have them cleaned at least once per year), open air box, Uni foam filter, GYTR direct intake, L&A one way, GYTR clutch and clutch boss, F&M Powercomb full header exhaust, Helms Bushings, Pivot works and All Ballz bearings, New Graphics, etc.... lots of other cool stuff. Oh yes, front shocks are YFZ 450 from Kevin in AZ, From this site, (not sure he is still on here though). GT Thunder rebuilt my rear shock prior to the tragic accident.

Runs like a champ and love riding it. I have an LTZ 400 that I ride also but love the Raptor and take it every yea, 2xs a year to TN for a trip and a 5 day ride.

Brings me to my question, Went down in March of this year, came back, Raptor sat in my garage, (warm), since then. Drained the gas before I parked it. Last week, since we are going again in Nov., changed the oil, spark plug, cleaned the carbs, checked the valve spacing. all is good. Fired it up, and on start up, smoked a little. parked it in my garage, went to work yesterday, came home started it up and smoked on start up again, only ran it for about a minute or two. turned it off and parked it again. Question is, no worries just from sitting and need to let it run and warm up for awhile, or do I need to replace the valve seals?

Any advice would be helpful. Also, couldn't tell the color of smoke, but the smell was somewhat normal exhaust. I am running race gas non enthanol in it since I drained the gas before I parked it for 7 months.- Full tank.
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