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Is this normal?

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Ok so I went and did a few mods today. The only thing performance related that I did was throw on a dg r series slip on. It was late when I got done but I decided to take it for a quick rip anyway.

When I started it up I had to tap the throttle so it would keep running. Afterward it idled fine and it sounds better than it did before. It in no way sounded rough running or anything.

After I got back from a 15min rip I reved it a few times to wake any sleeping neighbors and it backfired while letting off the throttle. Then I noticed that the pipe coming off the engine was glowing red.

I want to say that the glowing is normal but I rarely ride at night and never paid attention when I did.

I am not using an efi controller since dirt wheels said you do not need to with this slip on, the air filter box lid is on.

Does this sound normal?

Any suggestions?
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You DO need a controller for are running the bike too lean (or is it too rich? can't remember which way it goes). Dirt Wheels doesn't know shit about Raptors, listen to the advice on here and not a general magazine.
+1 my Barkers glow at night too...kinda cool. If you ceramic coat the headers you won't notice it anymore.
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