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July ROTM Nominations

In this thread you will post your pictures to nominate yourself or your friend for the July Raptor of the month. From now until 6/15 please post up your best pictures in one post to be judged at the end. When you post up please post the forum ID/Name of the person you are nominating, a mod list and as many of the best pictures you have of that persons Raptor. Included in those pictures I suggest you post a majority of non action pics so we can get a good look at the bike.

On 6/16 a panel of diverse judges will take a good look at all the nominations and break it down to just three bikes for the final vote. The final vote will be decided by the members via a new thread with a poll. The final voting thread will run from 6/16 until 6/30 and the winner will be crowned on 7/1/14. The winner will be the feature bike for the month of July

Please keep the text only posts to a minimum. If you need to add more pictures please edit your first post, do not post multiple times or it will get confusing.

1. Anyone can enter once a month, no matter if you nominate yourself or someone nominates you.
2. You can only win once a year. Once you win in a 12 month period, you can not be nominated or win until 12 months have passed.

Members who can not be nominated:

Cummins00 - January ROTM
- February ROTM
- March ROTM
Kabe - April ROTM
480yfz - May ROTM
-June ROTM
D7Racing - July ROTM
- August ROTM
Jockey#1 - September ROTM
Nathan- October ROTM
- November ROTM
tsi- December ROTM

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HK 45 Nut
2002 719
Ace Fab +2+1 arms with 450 shocks
LSR front hubs
LSR brake line clamps
LSR steering stem
over sized oil tank
Barker +4 crank/ 102mm CP11:1 piston
Monster Pipes
Ferria +1 valves
HR STG3 cam with springs
Custom Seat
2001 polished sub frame, waiting to get it back.
FullBore plastic
Father time +6 swing arm with rebuilt shock
LSR rear hubs
LSR 3+3 axle
LSR sprocket and brake hub
Dura-blue adjustable link


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Good lookin Quads fellers, Best of luck to all entries
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