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kfx 700 vs raptor 700 vs others?

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seen a argument about a kfx700 beats the raptor 700 9/10 lol

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Why can't you embed videos here? I can elsewhere in the forum.
So what was the video about? Sure didn't prove anything to me.
No need to get defensive. I love my Raptor, but I sure don't feel like I'm better than everyone else because I own it. Any unbiased person who loves off-road toys would say that the 700 in that video sounds pretty badass. Besides, it's pretty cool little video.
Umm I wasn't getting defensive, I can't even see where you might get the idea that i was; and are you trying to say that I feel that I am better than everyone else because i have a 700r. I am not going to say that I am not unbiased because If I wanted to buy a green turd then the kfx700 looks like the bike to go with. I realize I don't have the fastest bike out there and that isn't what i am looking for, but my bike is far more capable than many others thats why we all bought raptors. We wanted the best quads out there, if you don't believe google "the best selling quad"; Ive got a pretty good feeling about what might come up. And if you are trying to say that i feel better than everyone becuase I own a Raptor then you'd be right. Damn straight I am king shit since I own one and so is every other cat that does to, and i am sure if you went over to banshee hq those guys would feel the same way about themselves. So hop off your high-horse and go try and jerk someone else off.
You're taking this way too seriously bro.
LOL. Hahaha.

You must have a stressful life dude, getting frustrated so easily.
Hey man I was looking at your mods in your sig...How are your Kragen HIDs on the handle bars holding up?
Amazingly well. No issues other than the fact that I cannot run both my stock location HID's and the Kragen HID's at the same time. I don't know if you saw my thread on them, but it has some great comparison pictures (link below).
1 - 6 of 96 Posts
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