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Hey guys, extremely old member on here...decided to get back into riding and started to completely restore my Rappy. Found a set of fcr 39's, decided to do a 720 stroker and stage 2 cam, a-arms, fox shocks, powdercoating...etc...basically rebuilding the thing from the ground up.

I bought a +2 lonestar swingarm and I can't seem to get it aligned correctly in regards to the shock linkage. I'll post a few pics, but you can see where the linkage tabs on the swingarm aren't lined up with the mounts on the frame. What am I doing wrong here? I installed new pivot tubes and spacers, there's really no other way it can move to the left to line up better as it's already pushing so close to the frame on the left side at the pivot point (where the chain slider would go).

What am I missing?


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