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I recently bought an 08 700r which appears like it has been well maintained other than 1 issue. When I cold start it, it will idle for a second then die without hesitation it will do this 3-5 times or until I slightly rev it up for a few seconds until it stays idling. I didn't find this to be a big problem just an annoyance, but then when I took it out for the first ride I noticed it would not rev out and instead it would bog/backfire around what I think would be about half or 3/4 through the rpm range. I am brand new to 4strokes and especially FI systems so I am looking for some help/knowledge on these. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Things I have tried so far-
Dynatek coil
Air Filter
Changed the oil (needed done anyway)
drained the fuel and cleaned the tank
pulled the injector and back flowed it + shot through normal way (does have a good spray pattern)
Tried setting the tune to default (did not change a thing)

Aftermarket parts-
Big Gun EvoR slip on
K&N style cone filter with prefilter installed
DynoJet CommanderV (with a tune apparently from a guy who dyno tuned it, according to the seller)
Running it on 93 octane fuel per the sellers suggestion based off the tune
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