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I was at the stealership picking up some parts for my dirt bike, and while I was waiting I found one of these cameras sitting on the counter, priced at $199.99 CAD. I decided to give it a whirl and am fairly pleased with the results.

The camera weighs in at 4 oz. and came with many different types of mounts including suction cup mounts for windshields, different varieties of helmet mounts and a few different arms for precise positioning.

Below are some pictures of a few ways I have tried mounting it so far.

The camera takes video at 30fps and at a quality of 513x384

It has 16 Mb or internal memory and will hold up to a 2gig SD card (not included) On a 2gig SD card it will hold 56 minutes of data. It will take pictures a 3 megapixels and also has functions to take three quick pictures in a row, or to take a picture every few seconds until the memory is full. It also has functions for upside down mounting to correct the video if mounting options are limited. The sound quality seemed quite good, it has two settings, Hi - for normal recording, and Lo - for high vibration or loud noises. I found on the raptor that I had to have it set to Lo or the sound would get crackly every time I reved up the motor, but on the low setting it did capture the growl of my T4 pipe quite nicely. Also did I mention the camera is water proof to 100'.

On to the bad points about this unit. The worst thing about it so far is that it requires AAA batteries, and the website does not appear to offer battery packs for it. The alkalines that come with it are good for maybe 10 minutes of recording. The user's manual suggests Li-ion batteries or rechargeable Ni-Mh. I couldn't find Li-Ion at the local hardware so I bought some rechargeables for it, and so far have been able to get about 45 minutes of recording before needing a recharge. I would imagine that the Li-ion would be even better, but since they are expensive and not rechargeable I will stick with what I have. The nice part about the AAA batteries is that they are small so I always carry a couple sets in my pocket. If the camera does run low on battery power it will just finish recording and turn off. The bad part about this is that with a quad running you usually cannot hear the beep to let you know this has happened so you may ride for a while and miss out on recording some sweet jumps. The only other issue I have had with this, is that it does not have an LCD screen so you cannot access the videos you have taken until you are back at a TV or a computer. I had to take a few test rides to get the angle how I wanted it. ( I found I had to point it up a lot farther than I would have thought, my first few videos captured the ground just in front of my quad and made for pretty boring watching)

Overall I would say for $200.00 you can't go too far wrong, and in fact the manufacturer sells this unit on their website for $179.99 USD. Not too shabby. Now I want to take this thing and mount it to my windshield for the next autocross race.

Here is some video I took with it:

And here is the manufacturer's website:
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