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Need Help with the Stator

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Hey all

I've got an 03 raptor and the stator that was in it quit charging the battery. I purchased a new stator, and had it second day aired from a company called RM Stator out of Canada. I received the new stator and the unit was defective. After dealing with the company and being treated very badly, I sent the unit back at my cost. They said that the pickup coil was reversed in polarity, and repaired it and sent it back.

Fast forward to now. The quad was down for a while as I repaired some other items on the bike. (none electrical related) The quad would not run. It would start and run a second or two and die. It was very unpredictable. I pulled the plug out and could not get a spark, nothing at all. Well I decided to swap the stators again, and put my old one in, and it runs great.

Sorry I needed to rant, I've just been bent over and screwed by this company and it looks as if I'm going to eat 200 dollars worth of stator and shipping.

Where can I find a new stator that is going to be reliable and be from a company with good customer service?
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RM Stator, Ricky Stator, and most any other aftermarket stators are all JUNK! You can't beat a stock one. If you need more wattage, just get the stock one rewound. Same thing if it stops working. Just get it rewound. Most local automotive electrical shops can do it for you.
Is it really possible to get it rewound? Even if it’s gone out? So your saying only Yamaha dealer parts stator for 500 💸 is the most reliable option? Do I need the rotor as well when changing it? I’m not sure what the problem is the bike has been sitting for a while last time I put in a brand new battery it started up great ran really good for about 30 minutes and then the check engine light came on and headlight started to dim and it died tried jumpstarting it I would not stay running. charged the battery same story ….. runs for 30 minutes the dies… How do I know if it’s the stator or the rectifier?? I’m all for using original parts but that’s very expensive for me right now with the rotor it’s over $1000 plus the bolts what do you recommend I do?
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