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yes plz im also searching for a map for my raptor 700 i have dual barker's too but idk what filter is in there but i ordered a new filter ill try it. the filter is Nicecnc
I have a ‘22 with dual barkers, FCI intake, and PC5. I have a Hotcam 3 but I haven’t installed it yet. Been spending too much time at work these days haha.

The best is always to do a custom tune on a dyno so proper air\fuel ratios can be monitored and set thru the whole rev range. Humidity, temperature, elevation etc vary by location and a custom tune will take all that into account and you will end up with a good custom map specifically made for your mods and riding conditions. This gives not only the most power available but it keeps your engine running safely and much cooler than with some random canned map that may work ok in the forests of WA state but suck in the deserts of AZ. I don’t know what part of the country you are in but there is likely a shop that can tune your bike somewhat close to you. It will be well worth the drive. As an alternative, if you can’t get on a dyno, Cuervo sells custom maps for whatever mods you have. He has tons of dyno experience and knowledge on our raptors and his map will get you very close on the tune.

As for the intake I’d say most would recommend a Fuel Customs intake. Their intake far and away beats everything else on the market but it isn’t cheap. Well worth it IMHO. They also use a high quality 8 layer filter that is included as part of the kit. I have no experience with the NiceCNC stuff so I won’t try to comment on them but I love my Fuel Customs intake. Made a huge difference and has been holding up rock solid.

Whatever direction you decide to go, I hope it all works out for you!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts