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I just traded my 99 Banshee for a 2005 Raptor 350..... Everytime I tell someone that they look at me sideways and say.... WHAT???

Yes... I Used to drag race at a track near my house and the track shut down. Now I just trail ride. It is possible to ride tight technical trails on a banshee... I have done it but it's not really much fun.... plus... I wasn't about to take the banshee through much mud or water. And... It's kind of boring when all your friends ride utility quads and your banshee leaves most of them in the dust in second gear.

sorry that was a long intro.. but hopefully it will clear up some of the WTF's!!

My question mostly concerns the frame and suspension. The motor can't pull power wheelies with me sitting on the gas tank like the banshee could. But it is alright for a little 4-stroke.

I know the warrior was cursed with crappy suspension for jumps and mx.... is the Raptor's any different?? I don't plan on MX racing it... I just wanna know how high the poor thing can safely handle. And is it front heavy like the banshee??

..... Its a long story that I won't go into here... but I the hard way that banshee's aren't jumpers....

What are the shortcomings in the frame and suspsension?? are there any aftermarket parts that help??

I mostly plan to ride trails..... and do some light stunting.... but there is a mx track at the 4wheeler park where we sometimes ride and I was wondering if I should totally stay clear of it or I could play a little....

right now the bike is stock except a 15t front sprocket and 3" of wheel spacers.... the 15t sprocket is going in favor of a 12t (it just came in yesterday) and the wheel spacers will probably come off... definitely so if i'm jumping.....

and I'm planning exhaust, K&N, Jetting, Nerf Bars and a set of good tires......
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