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Just bought an 07 Raptor 700 a couple weeks ago and have been riding in the trails and sand pits which has been fun.

I drag race motorcycles so it was only natural that I would look to try and race my quad so I took it to the mx track today to see how it felt.

I took my time around the track to get used to it and it felt like something that I would enjoy doing. What mods are needed to set up a 700 for Racing? So far it appears that I should go with 20 inch tires in the front and 18 inch tires in the back but is there any other standard mods that I should get?

I was having a hard time sliding the rear end in the turns but I don't know if I just need more air pressure or if the 18 inch tires would help.

Here's a video of my first couple laps around the track. Thanks

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