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PLEASE HELP...Raptor 700 flooded

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I have a 2006 raptor 700 and I started it and let it warm up and it ran for awhile and shut off then I tried to start it back up then it started for 20 secs and shut off and wouldn't start anymore and became flooded. Any suggestions? How to get it unflooded? Thanks
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Unplug the gray plug on your fuel tank.

Remove the spark plug and turn the motor over for approx. 5 seconds.

Plug in the gray connector on your tank.

Re install plug and start it up.
Also check your oil to see if it has gas in it now..
I have a 2008 700 raptor when I plug my fuel pump in it floods out bad like gas gets in my exhaust and some times in my oil help
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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