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Thanks for the warm welcom

Hi guys, I thought I would introduce myself and give you a little history abiut me. My name is Dave [owner of JD Perf]. Heres a little bio, for those with inquiring minds. I have been a certified aerospace welder since 1988, but got tired of all the big layoffs back then. In 1991, I was hired by Mark Laeger of "Laegers" to hand build and weld all of the 250r racing chassis for all of the pros like Gary Denton,Tim Farr, Shane Hitt,Joe Bird,Doug Eichner,Kory Ellis, and the list goes on. In 99, I started JD Performance as a part time buisness, while still working for Laegers, in hopes of helping the locals [here in calif] to have access to high quality racing control arms[a/arms] at a reasonable price, as Laegers products dominated the East coast national racing. By 02, I took JD Performance to full time, due to increased demand. Fast forward to 08 still doing the same thing. 80 % of JD products are sold to people racing in national the racing series.I ve managed to keep building all of my own products and we have been shipping world wide since 04. I keep my overhead down , and do my best to keep my pricing low for my customers,while still producing quality second to none. Most of my buis is word of mouth, which keeps me going stong. If you would like to see my products, you can go to my site or you can find my banner on and check out customer pics etc.
If you have suspension questions, I am happy to help , just pm me here or give me a call @ 951-676-7957.

Thanks guys

Those in the know, RIDE JD
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