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Hello all,

Just sold a Suzuki and I need another quad. Thinking a Raptor is the way to go.
Been sport riding for 35 years on Quadsports. I still have a 250s QS which is a pain to find parts for so I am putting that away and getting something new.

I have ridden my buddies Warrior and loved it so planned on going with a that or a Raptor 350. I am in the Clydesdale class (6' 2" 270 lb's) and have been just riding 250 Suzooks, so the 350 would be a nice step up. I am 62 years old and not supposed to be riding due to now only having one kidney. Since I can't stop riding, my compromise it to cancel getting the 400/450 machine I was planning on, and keep the power about the same as I am used to. I am assuming the power and suspension will be slightly improved over my current 34 year old ride.

Question - has anyone spent time on on old 250S and can give a brief comparison of the trail experience between the Raptor 250 and the Suzuki? The 250 power is adequate for my current needs, unlike the 230QS, and I rarely bottom the suspension on the 250. In short, if I could find a machine that provided the same performance as my 250, but more modern (electric start!) with easier to find parts I am in. And I really like the styling of the Raptor.

Thank you, and sorry for the rambling. Probably won't due any mods right away but will do the usual basic stuff.
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