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Okay, i am new here, so bare with me.

I have a 2005 raptor and i was looking over the bike while it was on the jack and noticed something odd......The rear sprocket moves side to side. And when i gently kicked the tire the whole axle slide over a little and the rear sprocket didnt have anymore play in it, but a gap appears between the big locking nuts on the right side of the axle. the axle does not move up or down nor forward or backwards. is this normal? i am concerned because i do alot of long distance riding and was wondering do i need anything.

thanks for the feedback!!

2005 Raptor 660r SE
bigger, higher compression pistons (crazy back pressure)
full yoshi exhaust
stage 2 clutch
stage 2 hotcams
stage 2 dynojet kit
maxxis razr2 tires
k&n airfilter + prefilter
1 - 5 of 5 Posts