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Raptor 756 no start and ruff idle

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i went riding the other day it the sand pitts and my raptor started to cut out on slow trails like spark was messed up so i would have to chop the throttle to keep it running and sometimes it would stall so i would restart it and it was fine like nothing happened but now it is very hard to start and idles fine for the first 20 secs of start up and then idles ruff and stalls and doesnt easily restart or restrat at all i quickly checked vacumm lines they are on and i pulled my intake off and its a little dirty inside and i am now guessing fuel problem so gonna pull the fuel pump and then the TB and pull the injector and clean it all and sometimes it throws a check engine code how do i pull codes ive heard it flashes but mine just stays solid and only when it is running any help would be great.
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Sounds exactly like when the tube running from the middle of my intake piping to the throttle body (i think it's the idle air bypass) was kinked.
i had a problem similar to this, the wires coming off my rectifier(under right front fender) had worn down where it was zip tied to the frame and when the wires were touching the frame the battery didnt get any charge from the stator so it would die, but before it would die it would run real ruff than die. then have a hard time starting. but if u moved the bike or hit a bump and the wire wasnt touching the frame it would give the battery charge and make it seem like nothing was wrong. just a quick check to do before its all torn down
ruff ruff (imma dog)
How do i read the check engine codes?
it does sound like a charging problem. i would check that first.
How do i read the check engine codes?
Yes I would love to know as well!!!
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