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Short time lurker, first time poster.

I'll just say I've been away from motor-sports for quite a few years now. So I've been reading in here and researching the www as much as I can. Perhaps someone can help one in need of some advice as to the pecking order I am about to embark in? I'm a little behind...

So I did what older people do and I researched the crap out of which quad I wanted to go with first. Being a 6'2" 235 lb. dude, I decided that to treat myself with a new machine and went with a 2014 R700R SE. It was a no brainer IMO. Nice looking toy. A little ugly stock of course; no flash powder coating or nice AMP's etc.

With that said, if someone will help educate me in this favor I will appreciate all advice. I'll add that I like to do it all. Sand, MX tracks, trails etc.. My goal is probably hypo-typical. I want to go 100 MPH as quickly or faster than the next man... Safely of course...

Some simple and more advanced MODS I'm considering in the near future:

-Streamline Brake / Clutch lever
-Front / Rear sprockets
-Dynatek ignition
-Dual exhaust
-Steering stabilizer
-Bore / Stroker kit
-Turbo kit "Maybe"

So from the advice I'm being given by a friend of mine is this. He recommends starting out with the steering stabilizer, larger handlebars, front and rear sprocket upgrade and dual exhaust/programmer. He did say the programmer an duals are one in the same that you shouldn't run duals without the programmer etc.

If someone could list ALL of the options out there they are aware of that would be great.

So can someone with a bit of experience help this FNG out here?


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Mr. David,

First and foremost, welcome to the forum!

Secondly, I want to answer you questions and list options to the best of my ability, however, this would need to be a rather long response. I would not mind at all speaking on the phone if you're up for it, I could cover much more ground more easily that way.


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^ he is a good guy that will help you out. My only thing i will recommend is not wasting money on a dynatek. And get a 15 tooth front sprocket and leave the rear one alone.
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