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Hi All,
I rebuilt my motor due to problems I was having, New Stock cyilnder, Stock Piston, HR +5mm crank new gaskets all around. I fired it up and it is idling nicely. At the start it smoked terribly. Just idling it smoked, acceleration, deceleration (engine breaking) all smoked terribly. I was going through a quart of oil per hour. So I noticed the oil return line wasn't tight ono the oil tank and tightened that and that stopped some leaking near the oil tank.

I have about 2 hours on the engine now, I am doing a limit at half throttle for the first 10 hours but I may go over occasionally and it stopped smoking on start and idle or when I'm driving. It still smokes hard when I let off the throttle and its engine breaking or when I rev the engine idling.

I inspected the engine today after cleaning it up and it looks like there is a slight oil leak near the base gasket (between the case and the cylinder). My oil is dropping quite a bit perhaps not as much as when I first ran the new engine but pretty quickly.

My question is does anybody have an idea what is going on? Reassembling the engine was a huge pain especially putting the rings on the piston and into the cylinder. I was having so much trouble that I noticed the lower oil ring kept rolling when trying to put it into the cylinder. I cut a tiny piece off so instead of || I cut a vertical piece off so it goes _|.

I'm realling hoping I don't nead to rip the engine down and take the cyilnder off if I don't have to. Should I give it more time? Is there a chance it seals up and stops leaking from the crank/cylinder and it stops smoking out the exhaust? Are those two possibly related like I am seeing more smoke out the exhaust bc the generic gasket I put under the cyldiner isn't tight?

Thank you!
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