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reverse lever

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does anyone know if there is an aftermarket reverse lever for a 3500 out there. or has anyone modified the stock one so its easier to use my wife hates the stock one and i cant find anything else online for it.
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Let me know if you find one. I have been looking also. It is so frustrating with the stock one. Always seems to JAM. I seem to have to cutoff the quad, shift out of reverse then restart quad and then go...its a pain.
I have seen the handlebar mounted ones for other quads, but how exactly does the reverse work on the 350? Does it have anyhting to do with a cable at all?
NO its not electric or cable. Its a solid rod that activates the reverse gear. I have tried to adjust mine with very little change in the operation. Just think it is a poor design.
Its the worst reverse! It took my 2 minutes to get it back the other day:banghead:
reverse problem

i adjusted my clutch and it help for about a week
:eyebrow:I rarely have any problems with mine.:D
The trick to the 350's reverse that I've found is to be in a forward gear when you go into reverse. When you want to get out of reverse move the lever forward and slowly let out the clutch. It should grab and move forward rather easily.
Thats what i do.:thumb:
yeah its called dr.d reverse lever its like 75 dollars
when i had my warrior i litterally had to slam mine to get it into reverse. just let out the clutch a little bit while going into reverse and it should work. thats what i have to do with my rap sometimes.
yeah its called dr.d reverse lever its like 75 dollars
That will not fit a 350.
when i engage and disengage i let off the clutch a little and it seems to work just thought i'd let u know
I know it is a pain to use, but things could be worse, it could be like the reverse lever on a 300ex!!! LOL
yeah i get stuck all the time, dont waste your time getting it in neutral, i usualy can pop it into reverse no problem, but getting it out is a pain, i usualy try to pop the clutch into 1st or 2nd at the same time as shifting it out of reverse and it will click and go, but sometimes it gets stuck like when you get stuck between gears and nothing will happen like its in neutral
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