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Hi All,
I do ATV and SXS repairs.. I recently bought a modded Raptor 660 that was in pretty bad shape. I have slowly gone through it, rebuilt the top end, put in the correct jet kit for the mods and countless other repairs. I started to fine tune the carbs.. She was breaking up and recovering repeatedly at 3/4 to WOT. It felt more like a rev limiter than a fuel problem. I know it has an aftermarket CDI box that raises the Rev limiter as well as I believe does away with the reverse rev limiter. There are no markings on the CDI Box. When in reverse it does not seem to have a rev limiter, It goes way to fast. Since I don't have an OEM CDI Box to put in and try I am not sure if the flickering Reverse light at high RPM is causing some type of Rev Limiter. The high RPM stuttering feels more electrical... But I can't seem to find a problem. It has a new coil, Iridium Plug, New Stator and Pick Up Coil. I have gone through the entire Ignition system and checked all Specs. Everything looks good. I guess the only thing to try would be a new reverse Light Switch. This one is stumping me.. Any Suggestions? Thanks for any help.

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