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Midwest Sand Drags
@ OffRoad Ranch
2900 Old Hwy 8
Norfolk, Ne 68791

Here is a list of the Rules and classes for this Event

We have decided to go with the Track Race schedule and classes for this event

100% payback for All races, Heads up will be Payback + Trophy's

Race dates as Follows.

May 2nd - 4th

Thursday will be TNT Noon until 10pm "Story time after that." "Maybe a Bon fire if we are all good"

Friday will be TNT from Noon until 5pm then racing from 6pm until 2am

Saturday will be TNT from Noon until 5pm then racing from 6pm until 2am


1) Helmet required for every racer.

2) Limited Classes are limited to fuel as follows; alky and oxy fuel are ok

3) Jockeys have to be at least 16, in the adult classes

4) Fuel checks can be done, protest fee... $300

5)There is a 4 bike minimum per class. Less then 4 bikes, and there wont be a class races would bump up to the next class.

If this becomes a Issue we can have a rider meeting and Possibly bring in a smaller bike into that class If possible???

Kids Bracket “Will depend on how many kids show up"

2 Stroke Classes

Stock Cylinder Twin Limited

0-425cc twins Limited

0-525cc twins Limited

0-650cc twins Limited

0-775cc twins Limited

Open Twin Unlimited

Multi Cylinder Unlimited

“Small Block” = 450cc Based Motors

“Big Block” = 650cc Based Motors

4 Stroke Classes and Single Cylinder 2 Stroke

0-505 small block limited OEM Frame

506-650 small blocks limited OEM Frame

0-735 big blocks limited OEM Frame

0-770 unlimited (big block and small block)

0-1000 OEM frame limited and OEM Single Cylinder Two Stroke Limited

Single Cylinder Open unlimited (any frame) 4 and 2 Stroke

V-Twin Classes (V-Force, Brute Force, Outlander, Renegade, ect)

1. Limited

2. Unlimited

Conversion Bike Classes (street bike motors in atv frames)

1. Limited

2. Unlimited

Bracket Classes Friday night.

$25 entry per Class Single Eliminations

"Can and will be changed depending upon Entry's."

Kids Bracket

4.50 and slower class.

4.49 and faster class.

If there is not enough People for the Classes above we can run a Big class combined.

Index race with a 2 tenth break between classes.

$25 per entry Single Eliminations

4.0-4.19 , 4.20-4.39, 4.40-4.59, Ect
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