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>One new factory built 2 seater Twister chassis with nearly all parts Brand New in the box including heavy duty torsion bars, 3x3 arms, chrome rack and pinion, chrome steering, disc brake setup, chrome pedal setup, seats, chrome lights, etc etc etc. If you can buy it in Chrome or Ploished Aluminum it has it. Chassis will take a VW OR larger sized motor. Motor/trans available.
>Used factory built two seater sandrail complete running. Has aluminum wheels, plastic seats with covers, wide 5 point lap belts, aluminum link pin front end, chrome hydraulic pedals, aftermarket shifter, disc brakes, boxed trailing arms, iNeal turning brakes, head and tail lights, IRS rearend, polished aluminum floors and top, choice of shocks, engines, and transmissions. $3000.00 to $6000.00.
>Two 3 rib bus trannys that need work. As is. $200.00 each.
>Two Car IRS trannys. Think they need work. $40.00. each.
>Dual port header. $65.00.
>New 1835 jugs and pistons. $200.00.
>Misc jugs and pistons.
>Misc Pinto/2300 motor parts. $75.00 all.
>Brand New in box disc brakes setup. $275.00.
>>>Located in Wichita, KS.
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