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I have some brand new 10x4 direct drive splits that I bought a couple of months back and theyve been sitting on and off the bike, but never ridden on. I'm changing some things up so I gots to get rid of them. I will sell them with or with out the tires which are 18x10x4s. I also have a set of rear drag 8x8 (4/115) douglas wheels with the slasher design. They are currently mounted on 13 paddle gliders. Not looking to sell the gliders but for the right price I will. The wheels are brand new and will have to be dismounted.

10x4 wheels w/ tires $485.00 plus shipping
10x4 wheels w/o tires $315.00 plus shipping

8x8 douglas wheels $125.00 for just the wheels and no tires

will get pics for those interested, if you use paypal youre responsible for their fees.
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