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Super high pressure in coolant hoses. Coolant in exhaust

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I started blowing smoke after riding 10 mins. Died a few times then I just got towed back to load up. Head gasket was just replaced. I noticed that the coolant hoses looked like they were about to pop when I got it back home. Turned the radiator cap and it released a ton of pressure. What could cause this? Bad thermostat? Stuck closed. I also have new coolant hoses on. Blew the old once’s two weeks ago. I think I’m having a coolant pressure issue.
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I'd check the thermostat and water pump. Maybe even the radiator. Did it over heat?
I have pressure (bubbles in the coolant system) when the engine is hot, when it is cold there are no bubbles, or maybe they are so small that I can't see them. Also, it is losing antifreeze a little bit, but most important is that there is no white smoke from exhaust on first start and no white smoke in long drive. So, what can be the problem? I have 2.0 TDI 16V BKD engine.

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