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Turbo bov question

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Hi guys ive recently had my 700 turboed and it runs great and has loads of power its boosting at 10.5psi on the boost gauge and the issue im having it the bov isn't doing anything ive tried 2 seperate ones and still nothing. Its located on the plenum box under the seat just before the intake manifold and the Bov vacuum hose runs to a tee piece which feeds the boost gauge too then back to the wastegate hose so im stumped as to why its not making any noise i just get turbo flutter. The bov is also set to as soft as i can adjust it to before the boost kicking in is pushing it open under load.

Any help is massively appreciated
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Can you send a pic of where you have it teed off? And what turbo setup you running?
Hi bud thanks for the reply so since writing the post, ive tried afew different things and ive now used the vacuum from the fuel pressure regulator for the bov and its opening and closing correctly but it does make the whoosh noise but its still only quite quiet. Im just stumped as 10 psi should easily produce a noise loud enough to hear while riding shouldn't it? Also would moving the bov closer to the turbo make and noticeable difference in the noise level?
Depending on your type of bov. Some have a adjustment to make it softer or louder by turning the top of the bov
Its the one attached.its fitted to the plenum box under the seat. Would that matter?


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