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US Nationals at the West Michigan Sand Drags July 27-28

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Well, I cant keep waiting around for Leerjak....I was invited up to the West Michigan Sand Drags big race of the year. :thumb: They will have trucks, buggies, top fuel cars and of course, ATV's. The sand is really fine like the dunes since its in Silver Lake area. I was told that the track is laser leveled and is very professional with big scoreboards. I wont be using a jockey or anything, just bracket racing. Unless someone wants to go heads up :)

This should be a very large turnout. I will also be covering the event taking pictures and videos for them,. They want to make a DVD to sell of the races so this should be fun too!!

My bike has only been out a couple times this year and only has maybe 20 passes on it....the Sand Hustler needs some track time....need to try and get it dialed in a little better. Getting it in the 3.8's aint gonna be easy for a lil 787 motor. Need to get my "pencil" sharpened for all the big dogs coming out to Missouri Labor Day weekend :rockon:

Oh and keep your fingers crossed. This will be the first time I have drug the wife out to the races with me. Need to get her to be more "PRO" Sand Hustler for the future upgrades :) I just hope she likes it and has a good time like I always do.

So anyways.......come on all you Michigan guys.....come bracket race. It dont matter if you dont have a bar or a drag bike. Its bracket racing. I promise you will have a good time. Come hang out with us in the pits. Everyone is more than welcome!!
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Wish I had a drag quad so I could join you :(

I'm actually only a few miles from the track right now, and will be back up here next going for 3 weekends in a row may be a little much, but ya never know.
Come on Kyle....gonna be a fireworks show at the races too. I know Precision Power Sports will be there from Mo. With there 4 big banshees. Their triple just went 3.2

It would be really great to meet you guys.
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