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Hi all,

As title says, I bought a Koso DB-01 (see picture below) for my Raptor 700, 2007. On the quad I have the original yamaha display with only indicators (neutral, reverse, engine error, coolant warning, fuel low).
I succesfully wired up the speed sensor, high beam indicator and turning lights indicator. The Koso has one ground point, rest of al the fuctions have 1 wire. For example: 1 wire for each indicator, 1 wire for fuel, 1 wire for rpm, 1 wire for (blue) light.

But I have 3 things I did not succeed and have some questions about it:
- I found a spot for the Neutral light, but when the quad is in neutral, the light is off and when in gear, the light is on 😂 . The indicator on the stock panel does his job the right way. Do I forget something? Some suggestions to check?

- Where can I wire up the fuel indicator light? There is a light on the stock display, so it seems to be possible right?

- The RPM. Is there a specific wire? I tried a wire from the voltage regulator which is from the pick up coil but no succes? I also tried to attach and also wrap it around the sprak plug cable without any movement.

All ideas are welcome, Thanks!

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