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I'm gauging interest in my XC Atv that was the result of this thread:

Head to the end to see the "AFTER" photo. I have a race video edited from some GoPro's for potential buyers to drool over and I can honestly say the ride is exceptional for an adult rider. The power puts you out front of the pack.

Video LINK:

I've broken the motor in and hours are still low, but life is getting in the way ( need to afford graduate school and such) and for the right price I'll let it go. If you know how invested I was in the build you know this atv is important to me and I want it to find a great home.

Riding gear will be included: Boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, jersey and pants.

Low-ball offers won't be replied to. I have an excel sheet that shows every dime invested into this atv so a $4,000 offer is a waste of my time.

Shoot me PM's because my email gets checked more than this thread will.

Hope we can work something out. Appreciate everyone's input during the build. It was worth every cent.
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