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Yamaha Raptor 660R 2003 Running Very Badly

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Hey Guys,
What's up?

I'm having a bit of a problem here with my 03 Raptor 660R.
Firstly it had a lot of issues startin, so i dug up the internet and found that the sparkplug "sensor" had some rust. I've cleared it out and it simply fixed the problem of not easily starting.

The problem that I'm facing now is that the quad does not idle properly.
When I start it, I must be over the throttle in order to it to keep on. As soon as I leave the throttle on iddle, it revs randomly and suddenly it stops with a noise.

I've noticed that the Reverse light blinks for a while, but I've read in the net that it's because of high idle. I've tried already adjusting the idle cable so the runs a bit upper on idle, that's when I get the blinking light, and even though, the engine revs up and down, and suddenly it cuts out. I've also noticed a strange noise, like let's say air kicks/Clicks in the engine/air filter compartment, I'm not sure it's normal.

I've checked a lot, I've teared it apart to try to locate the problem, with the help of a friend, but I don't know what I'm missing out.
I'm new to ATV's so I kindly ask for your help, PLEASE!

If needed, please find here the Video of the Bike Running please click on the link below.

Thanks in advance
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First, check to make sure your reverse switch sensor is getting a good connection. There will be two leads down near the front sprocket. One will have a plastic elbow (neutral sensor), the other will be a screw through an eyelet (reverse). The reverse sensor switch can get crud around it, giving it a poor connection. Unscrew the reverse switch lead, clean the contacts, and reconnect.

Second, check the wires at the CDI. The wires for the 660 CDI were routed poorly from the factory, giving them a sharp 90 degree bend just before they go into the CDI. A lot of your sensor leads connect back to your CDI here. Pull the CDI out enough to check the wires and make sure they haven't rubbed all the way through. I had this happen to my 660.
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