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I am a little dissapointed with my newly built Raptor 660/719. 65 hp. Im not dissapointed with the number, but the way it feels compared to my previous build. I may have made the wrong cam choice (x4) as it rips if you really wind it out but to play on the dunes, desert and utah mountain trails ( fire roads)-- I am looking for more snap in the mid range.

I would like your opinion on some other options ( even other cams) to get back some snap.

Here is my build now--vs what it was.

Now--65 hp
Kenz cycle tech head ported for x4 cam +1 valves
FCR 35 mm carbs
102mm 13 to 1 piston 4 mill hot rods crank ( balanced and welded)
CT racing exhaust

Previous build--50 to 53 HP ( different dynos)
no porting stock head
102 mm piston 12to 1
stock carbs but dialed in well
CT exhaust
stage 2 hot cams

I dont remember the torque figures but was in high 40'S low 50's

Impressions of builds-----the previous build was so snappy and would lift the front when you stabbed the gas, It did not pull as hard upper mid to top as I would have liked but was a great desert trail play dune bike but i wanted even more power. It had the most hard hitting exhaust pulse that could be felt 10 feet away. Felt like a lot of compression.

The current build----No boubt that it pull and pulls on top and keeps getting stronger, but it lacks the instant snap and " playability" of my previous build. The first build was more fun but needed more revs and power. I think I went too high in the revs with my cam choice. This build no doubt is faster IF i really really wind it up, but if I am honest with mysel,f I feel the power range is in too high of RPM to make the power to be fun bad ass play bike.
Also, Iven though it has a 1 point higher compression piston it feel or acts like it has less--it cranks over easier, the exhaust pulse out the pipe is not nearley as strong--I assume from cam but i dont know.
It also does not help that I have a slight bog when I stab the throttle from low to mid rpm. Im not sure if bog is from carb going lean or the big x4 cam? Have not been able to tune it out and these carbs are not the kind you can do the " zip tie mod" too.

Question; Im looking for it to pull higher in the RPM range than my first build but a little lower than my current build. If I can ever figure out how to kill my BOG when I stab the throttle will it give me a better snap with all the bennefits of the high rpm monster OR would I be better with a different cam? It was ported for high lift-

Cam choices---Since it was ported for high lift X4 cam I only see the Web 685 grind and the Meacycle X3 cam as options---Is my assumption wrong that I should stick with high lift cams with my set up. Would any of these two cams help with what I am looking for? Again I had the stage 2 but wanted a little more . Not sure if web 685 is the same as stage 2 or would it be higher rev--i have heard people say both and I dont really know what all the cam specs mean or how they translate to performance.

I dont know if this make a difference in your recomendations but I ride at 5000 to 6000 feet elevation and I am 270 lbs.

Sorry for the long winded post,--- there are a lot of great builders here that Im sure had experience with this. Just looking for some educated options.

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